Josh, the innocent fugitive

modeled in zbrush, hand-painted textures in Mari, rendered with Vray. No post processing or 
touch-up performed on the render.


new personal project. done with Maya, Zbrush, Mari, photoshop and Vray.
A little note about the image: The hat in his hand is the "energy dome" invented by the band "DEVO" who took their name from "DE-EVOLUTION"!


My image METAMORPHOSIS has received a 3DTotal excellence award, and a DOPE AWARD .there is a strict judging process where only the best images make it through to the final stage, and I am honored to be picked. The image has also been printed in the August issue of 3D Creative Magazine. here is the link to the gallery section of the magazine.A 'Making of' Tutorial of this image is available at 3DTotal


Making the Image:


I was randomly drawing and came up with an idea that ended up being a jewelry piece!
It almost happened but I am starting to think about doing more jewelry designs.
would you like to see this as a pin ,necklace, earring? or a wall decoration?


"EYES" and "HAND" from the show ANNEDROIDS. I was responsible for doing the textures, shaders and some of the modeling. Textured in MARI and shaders done with VRAY.

You can watch a preview of the show HERE

Digital Doubles

Here are some of the props I have modeled, textured and rendered after real assets for ANNEDROIDS by Sinking Ship Entertainment. Models are done in Maya, textured with MARI and rendered in Maya Vray.

P-51D Mustang

done with Maya and Photoshop, rendered in Vray

Render Passes (Vray) :



a new personal work. Done with Maya, Zbrush, MARI, Vray and photoshop


Done this for the show "ODDSQUAD".  modeled in Maya, Zbrush. Hand painted Textured in Zbrush and rendered with Vray


Rocks made for a cave environment in the show "ODDSQUAD"

bObsweep, the intelligent floor cleaner

Few of the images I have created for the website and advertising campaign of "bObsweep, the intelligent floor cleaner"